it is important at this time.  to create manifestos. it is important to destroy manifestos. each one speaking with the greatest of assurance that it is “standing on the truth”. without second guessing. knowing that the reality exists. that 5 seconds from now. the truth of these words might contradict and not hold the same validity. but still. they must be a tip of an arrow piercing through to create direction that others can follow. that others can dream with both in the waking world of dreams and the real world of dreams that are filled with the naked truth.


this is a current example. of a manifesto. where i stand and feel called to work in the next year as we are inside of 2012. a very sacred time. to remember how to love without conditions. this monologue manifesto applies to all nations. all colors. i simply place the reality of a chicano identity inside it, feeling called specifically to work through colonizational issues that exist within the context of the chican@ movement. they most definitely will branch out into all people who are called to take responsibility for our mother earth and all life. in reality this is simple a red earth monologue manifesto. that will continue to be written and re-written until they are ready to be published as a book temporarily called “HOW TO WRITE A RED EARTH MONOLOGUE OR MANIFESTO”


These monologues are chican@ red earth monologues that will be performed begining in 2012. A one person show. With the intention to hold monologue workshops in different communities around the world in order to create a ripple effect of finding voice inside community, finding origin, finding personal/communal love and the seven loves that some elders attribute to the human condition. We have the capacity to love in infinite ways and within the context of being human it can take one of seven basic forms, ex. love for another human being or love for the universe. These monologues are designed to explore conversations around these notions and to allow room for others not only to dialogue but to become creators, in order to find meaning in the micro and macro spaces that exists within all human. Ultimately to help create and co-create this new earth that we are now standing on. This generation of people, chicano, red, black, brown, white, yellow, red earth people are the bridge between two worlds needing to find new ways of sustainability. old ways of sustainability. between man and woman. woman and woman. man and man. humans and the earth. humans and water. humans and all life. humans and the self. humans and the responsibility we have as caretakers of this earth and the next 7 generations. the monologue form is being used as its one of the oldest forms of story telling there is and does not require elaborate sets. it does require the individual to seek inside . to search for voice. to sing with body/ dance with the voice. create/recreate. re-member/member the musical cadence that each one of us possesses.THE MONOLOGUES WILL CREATE A WEAPON OF MASS CREATION THAT WILL ALLOW OTHERS TO NUTURE ALL LIFE, WHILE CREATING ROOM FOR COMPASSIONATE CONFLICT. ALLOWING THE OPPORTUNITY TO GROW INSIDE ONESELF AND OUTWARD TOWARDS THE COMMUNITY AT LARGE


A Xikanada Manifesto

dada was not god. because dog has no name. there is the black and the white and we have to stand in the middle. slanted. straight and crooked. every species has purpose and art. when we are asleep we live our lives without making art. we let others decide what the art of life is. and we just become their color. their race. their creed. their sex. their orientation. we are born. awake. we take a nap. and some make the choice. to wake up from the nap before going into the deep sleep. and some inside the deep sleep can find the source. we need true freedom. my uncle said this over and over. true freedom. their is a responsibility somewhere in you. its not made of dirt. probably made of earth. or the vessel inside you. that cannot get filled with anything material. it can only be filled with one thing. forget about naming the nameless. if you do that you forget the infinite mirrors that exists in those things that are named. most probably you are staring at these words through a thing called a computer or a book. but really those things are the doors. the dream weavers. just a door. just a key. just a notion of the landscape that can turn pencils into dragons. this story doesn’t present you with anything knew. its just a mirror. full of dogs. obsidian blanket. tezcatlipocatl. so remember. to turn off all the lights in the house. turn off all the electronics. fast from your computer and so called ‘technologies’ and go witness the real technology. go stare at the moon. go be with the sun. re-member how to move with them. and against them. so they can crack you in half. so you can be with the rhythm. inate rhythm and power. taking away from you when they invented electrical outlets. they took away some of the great mystery of dream time. they began to shape what it means to be awake and what it means to be asleep. but you need to plug back into the real electricity. its in the thunder. and the lighting. but be mindful. as you will get shocked. water is always good to bring you back to the center. to see the art. in your life.