These monologues are chican@ red earth monologues that will be performed begining in 2012. A one person show. With the intention to hold monologue workshops in different communities around the world in order to create a ripple effect of finding voice inside community, finding origin, finding personal/communal love and the seven loves that some elders attribute to the human condition. We have the capacity to love in infinite ways and within the context of being human it can take one of seven basic forms, ex. love for another human being or love for the universe. These monologues are designed to explore conversations around these notions and to allow room for others not only to dialogue but to become creators, in order to find meaning in the micro and macro spaces that exists within all human. Ultimately to help create and co-create this new earth that we are now standing on. This generation of people, chicano, red, black, brown, white, yellow, red earth people are the bridge between two worlds needing to find new ways of sustainability. old ways of sustainability. between man and woman. woman and woman. man and man. humans and the earth. humans and water. humans and all life. humans and the self. humans and the responsibility we have as caretakers of this earth and the next 7 generations. the monologue form is being used as its one of the oldest forms of story telling there is and does not require elaborate sets. it does require the individual to seek inside . to search for voice. to sing with body/ dance with the voice. create/recreate. re-member/member the musical cadence that each one of us possesses.


Set in Boyle Heights, East Los Angeles, California, Aztlan

Raul X…

they want to call me hispano. hispanic. his panic. but i’m been out of his sights.

i ain’t no latino. and I’m reconsidering revoking my own chicano licence.  i’m

out the demographic ever since i dropped out of high school . why the fuck

would i go and pay pinche thousands and thousands of dollars for a so called

higher education at ucla. uc berkeley. cal state la. longbeach. if at the end

of the day. i ain’t gonna get shit. from it. but another shit job. i mean really.

homes. look at it. i ain’t born here. although i lived here all my pinche life.

and now look at it. if i go get a degree. ain’t no dream act alive. ain’t no nothing.

i’m still just another pinche dishwasher to them. no matter how many degrees.

they ain’t fooling me. so i ain’t fooling them. but i ain’t no pendejo either. i’m

been living at the benjamin franklin library for the past year and a half. i didn’t

pay a cent for my education. i’ve earned it. i’ve gone through half the pinche stacks.

and i’ll keep going through the rest. regardless if they are taking away all them

books. i use to roll through to malabar library over on wabash. before it became

a ghosttown of books. half the books gone. just because they hadn’t been checked

out in a year or two. they got rid of Luis Valdez’s Zoot Suit Riots, The Norton Anthology

of African American Literature y un chingo de libros. they sold all them barrio chicano

classics, y african american classics, y un monton de real classics that some chavalos

y some chavalas never even had the opportunity to glance at. and why. por pinche

budget cuts. mientras the sherriffs department keeps getting more dolares.

but why trip. why act like i can just cruz by this sistema without getting stuck.

without imagining that this sistema has things to offer. or not offer. it does. pero.

para mi. haciendo. siendo. undocumented. no matter how many years i’ve been

here. it aint’ gonna matter. till that law changes. so for now. i’ll just keep living right.

here in the libreria. dawg. you know why. cuz all them foos. they ain’t getting no

education. they aint’ paying for no education. they’re paying for some information.

true knowledge. its gonna grow. its gonna blossom. whether you’re at home. at ellac.

ucberkeley. uc whatever. calstate whatever. its gonna stem from your ganas. thats

its dawg. you can grab that shit from youtube. google that shit dawg. its all about

wanting it. its in the estrellas. just look up. i know it might seem like there aint’ no estrellas

in east l.a. but look up homes. just look up. late at night. no moon. over there. like by

cinco puntos. or over there on pennsilvania y kearney. on top of that hill. where you

can see the whole pinche downtown. just wait. ten la paciencia. wait until that one

moment. when there aint’ no pinche cop cars. when the city is taking a small ciesta

between 3 and 4 am. that one moment that ghetto bird is not flashing its big brother

lights. and the big ass lights announcing some hollywood premiere or some anuncio

for the baile at the Palledium or wherever. are turned off. and the moon is nowhere

to be seen. when you can here the whole pinche universe. quetzalcoatl. and not  just the sirens.

y los perros barking. right there. that one little pinche moment. thats where you’ll

get the true wisdom. y la true knowledge. when you can here all your abuelos y all

your abuelas. whispering. tu you. singing to your alma. underneath the concrete.

y right there. you don’t need nothing. no degree. no library card. no teacher. nothing.

homes. just you.  y nada mas.