mexican jazz part 64

they tried to deny centro american women and their children

rights to an asylum case. even though they know that 90 percent

of the women and children fleeing have the right. somehow locking them

up in cages. incarcerating children. becomes the place where we have

spent our money and our resources. this is somehow a poem about this

about caging children. who fled for their life. about caging mothers

who came running to be free. about the spaces in between. the amnesia

to remember why we came here in the first place. and some of us here

in the first place but we don’t remember we’ve been here for 20,000 years

migrating on this land. we don’t re-member the recourse. we are the ghost town

of mexican american wars. centro american wars. american nafta wars. mexican

gulf water wars. american asylum wars. border political wars. nameless wars.

caught in the storm of our condition. we are the mexican american centro american

water war happening. in the form of gang wars. in the form of narco trafficante wars

in the form of all the people forgetting your name. their name of the the names of all

those that came before them. we are the waking song. we are the piercing song.

we are the song waiting to manifest.. in the children. all those that have been caged

will remember. all those that were set free will remember. we are the memory of this

opening to find esperanza. somewhere along side the rio grande.. somewhere along side

the places where the sun meets again with the ocean. and reminds us there are no borders

between them. no borders in the inbetween.

and we hope we can remember our own stone song tongues

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