mexican jazz part 71

a list of mexican jazz melodies and possible album titles:


a world of borderless poetry

burritos enchiladas tacos freejoles

border patrol minute men ancient songs
ghosts buried under tonantzin
the way that we reconsider
the memory of who we are
where we’re from
the border didn’t cross us we just got double crossed
the ancient ones
the hopi’s little mexican brother
mexica pancakes
mexican burgers
heroin addiction in the wrong side of the barrio
spanish corridos
mexican ballads
songs in the key of mexican F# minor
another jesus gets across the stage
mexican american bandits
the mexican holocaust
spanish fried blue corn tortilla burritos
american wrap
the ghosts of la llorona’s long lost sister
an arrangement for the massages
catastrophic conditions
the lloronas book of poems
the true freedom of mexican american identity
hispanic crisis
chicano misfits
memorable pachuco america
side stories of a mexican mother

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