mexican jazz part 75

face the dream. when you finally make it to college and realize

that nobody else in your family made it to college

but nobody in your familia has been helping you with your education

for years now.


my father had a 6th grade education

and he left me with my mother and showed up every now and again


my mother had a 3rd grade education


both from mexico. they must have fallen in love

over too many michelob draft beers down on first street

before it was

the zone of gente fication and gentrification


back when the sound on the brick walls were mostly norten~as

back before starbucks or mcdonalds were talking over

everybody’s diabetes intake


neither had enough education

to tell me what i should or shouldnt do



maybe my father was a mexican ghost

caught inside drunken landscapes

waiting to find


i couldn’t get an education with this .

how could i know what type of education was

in front of me.


but somehow i dove into this barrio college wormhole

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