mexican jazz part 141 b

we were the ones waiting at the border

waiting for our mother to return

from the setting sun that almost took her life

from the coyote that took my sisters life

from the breath of life

we came to become


in this america

we  were the ones waiting at the border

trying to find the border patrol officer

so he could tell us where to go

to be safe again.


he asked why we came here

he told us we were not his problem

and that we should go back to where we came from

that if it was up to him. he would make sure

all these centro americans all these mexicans

would just stay over there


he told us

you are not our problem

you need to ask your government to fix your problems


but he never even bother to here

why we were here

what we were running from

because back home


nobody does anything about the problemas

nobody can stop them

nobody can make them stop killing

nobody can make them stop threatening

nobody can make my home

my home again


so i don’t think he knows what he’s talking about

or maybe he does know but he doesn’t want to admit


maybe he knows how bad

it is for us back home

where there is no home anymore

but he just doesn’t want to say it

because we’re not his problem.



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