mexican jazz part 146b

growing up mexican american in east los angeles

you forget sometimes that there are bigger racisms

in the world. or that the racisms are not part of the norm

its a complicated border cultura that comes in waves

whenever we crossed the border of east los angeles and

into monterey park. there was a very likely chance

that we were going to get pulled over. most definitely

told we fit the description of the vehicle they were looking for

but you get used to it. you get used to the harassment of getting

out of the car. whether it was a cadillac, honda, saab, toyota

it didn’t matter. you just so happened to always be inside the vehicle

they were looking for. but you don’t fight against it. you don’t say

anything . partly of course because you don’t want to make things

worse. but partly because you feel like. its annoying. and part of your life

nobody tells you this isn’t normal behavior. because its the normal

behavior we were used to facing in the barrio.

photo credit image

kristy lovich

words by

israel haros

Published by waterhummingbirdhouse

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