mexican jazz 148


waiting for the snake skin to shed

we become the overall song that our mothers and fathers sang

they bled their names on this earth

with hands and feet and backs

and sweat

this mexico. this nuevo mexico.

this colonized land. whose native tongues

are drifting. getting stuck in dried cedar branches

pancho villa’s peoples came through here and devasted

indigenous land. devasted indigenas. raped and pillaged

indigenous blood. yaqui blood. tarumara . pueblo.

mexican hands pillaging their own red peoples

mexican hands full of red tainted blood.

we have killed over and over. each other.

brothers on top of brothers

killing and raping mothers and sisters

lost in this colonization

forgetting the blood trails before

anasazi . and other temples

rushed through all our bloods

migrating trails

migrating visions of where we have been

where we are going.

we cannot forget

how many times we have burned each other

we can never forget

the mud and blood on our hands

we have to wipe them clean

and build from here.

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