mexican jazz 152

eventually it all catches up to you

the sounds of mexican american birds

condors and eagles without papeles

waiting to cross trumps proposed wall

waiting for the ghosts of your migration

to become the realist adveture they have ever lived

waiting for the memory of us to become

some cold frame in the molding corn

waiting for the memory of our arrival

on this tonantzin to be remembered

waiting for the ghost getting tangled at the border

to unveil another set of memories

waiting for all of us to forget and forgive

all this nonsense about papers and borders

about lost souls and exit tracks to go home

were the ones we’ve been waiting for

in the onslaught of memories

in the onslaught of how did we get here


were are the children of the ghosts

migrating across the universe

across the third world

across the popul vuhs memories

across oceans of stars

across the mission set back to our beginning

we are the ones we’ve been waiting for

to remember all the parts needed to go home

we are the ones waiting to go home

without anymore papers.

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