What Kind of Poems Do I Write ?


i’m an environmentalist poet

i’m a red and black bird poet

i’m a hip hop on thursday poet

ranchera indigenista liberista poeta

i write to save my life

i write to thank and say i love you to water

i write to the echo the universe

i write cuz i’m in love with sun and tonantzin

i write to inspire myself and my friends

i’m trying to reach that poem that will have you smiling for weeks

que puede hacer to alma reir

i’m a poet trying to break free from white cannon paradigms

i’m a poet searching for lies and contradictions

i’m a poet trying to strip away my masks and put others on

i’m a poet trying to get to know my soul

i’m trying to touch the earth and see quetzalcoatl

across these computer screens

i’m a digi-teka high and low tek aztek

i am olmeca sun soldier cutting through this millineum

with verse re-surrecting, re-calling, re-imagine carved in stone

i want to carve them on computer screens, facebooks,wordpress,

laptops, mural walls, the waters of your heart, the waters of my soul

i write Ingles sin barreras, espaniolee con fronterass

buscando amor sin limites y tambien para ver si puedo romper

esa NAFTA frontera llena de guerra con mis palabras

i want to live there sometimes

in all the vibration of us beyond the word

i write because i want to grow silent

i want to write poems that inspire children to start baby revolutions

baby fist higher and purer in the air

i want children to write true anthems for real nations

i want chldren to write the histories of origins and all peoples

i’m a eracism poeta

i’m prolific because i want you to do it better than i ever could

i’m a nobody /just a small piece of dust sage poet

i’m a love bomber

weapons of mass creation singer poeta

i write poemas in acrylic, sharpies,house paint, oils, charcoals and memories

sometimes i just let the wind take la palabra

sometimes i let the poems push me into dream states i couldn’t otherwise

i’m a poet whose not afraid of war machines

echoing love into the fear of us

echoing love into soldiers dreams

and politicians plagued in the nightmare they call american dream and globalism

i write poems in splan-glee-teka

lokat=nahuatl-agua lumbre

blood spilled-concrete-surrealist-dada- interventions

i like writing sonnets in the key of ometeo

haikus in the stream of streets

hip hop boleros to ozomalti and the hero twins

my lovers?/ coyoxauhqui/tonantzin/tonantiuh/atl

you/tojil/freedom fighters/k-12 public school teachers pushing their hearts into desks and children/

social workers/la llorona/los llorones/water singers/

yeah i write sometimes

to re-member why i’m alive and why i’m living

and where i’m wanting this collective dream to heal

what kind of poems do i write?

poems about us

poems about what we’re trying to hide

poems about what we dont want to think about

poems about what we think we can’t do

poems about the impossible being possible

poems about blue light

what kind of poems do i write?

just same old same old

that got poets looking at the gates of stars

in the beginning

when they were thinking about never ending


i should write mega-sus all around and inside

my imploding yollotl

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