Paper Border

Paper Border

A paper border jumped the lines .
the paper cupped the border.
The border drowned the paper.
The paper found a border.
The border cut the paper. The paper bought
the steel.
The paper was crushed under the tank.
The border steel needs paper to burn.
The paper needs to burn
over the border. The border lost
all the borders of men.
The border burned over the men.
The paper was lost
over the burden. The burden bordered
the paper. The paper illustrated the purpose.
The purpose was buried under the border paper.
The bodies were covered in paper. The bodies
were under the border. The border line
ran across the paper line. The paper line
edged the border and all the holes.

The paper punched most of the border. The border
needed more holes or less immigrants.
The whole of the whole of the hole was made more
with paper borders and illegals.
The illegals
lost all their papers. Lost all their border.
Lost all their sense of paper trails
A———nd paper borders.

They lost all their border trails
And ran across the papers.

They lost their paperless borderless flight.
They lost all their sensibilities
under the paper. The borders finally took over.
They brought sense back to the paper.
The lines were cut. The paper was cut.

The border was done for.

The paper made many excuses.
The border made many more.
The bodies were never put on the paper.
The bodies were never dug from under the border.
The collapse of the border came as a surprise.

Came as a possibility that paper and borders
are maybe separable.

Are maybe both or one in the wrong place.
The water can take both of them.
It would only take a minute.

And a minute man can engage in a tako
and a border and a vision and a possibility. It-
would only take a minute.

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