love in the time of obama parte teolol tlazokamati atl

love in the time of obama parte teolol tlazokamati atl
by Israel Francisco Haros on Saturday, September 11, 2010 at 1:02am

when they burned the codices. they didn’t realize that the it meant that these songs, these stones, these flor y cantos, these mirrors full of light, these prayers, these memories would be etched inside the flames. when they pillaged and raped tonantzin. they didn’t realize she could pillage the pillagers with a breath of her snake song. and still love them in the same breath. they didn’t realize that with water rights they could never give water the right to flow. as much as they attempt to damn it. as much as they want to privatize the blood of our mother. she will always . always reach the hearts of the children. they didn’t realize that the water is truth. water is life. water is alive. they didn’t think that the memory of the water. the memory of us before us and them would vibrate in everything and anything that had water. the blue blood of my mother is always in me. i will always re-member this song.

when they put up shallow walls. when they built hollow houses. they forgot about the water. all the oceans. all the rain. all veins of my mother tonantzin.tlazokamati atl. tlazokamati atl tonatiuh. tlazokamati atl coyoxauhqui.tlazokamati atl tonatiuh tlazokamati atl yollotzin.

water of my eyes. water of my breathe. water of the sacred whale singer. water of the bones rattling. water of the sun. water of coyoxauqui. water full of flames. water of the heart. water of the sky. water of the tree of life. water of butterfly warriors. water in the home of us. water memory. water of the memory. water of the lips. water of the womb. water at the center of womb of tonantzin. water of the children. water for the children. always. spiral water. snake water. eagle water. hummingbird water song. la agua de las flores. agua de las madres. agua de las abuelas. atl peyotzin tlazokamati. water for those fighting for water. water for those fighting for water rights. water for those escaping the sonora desert. water in the children’s laughter. the water of our embrace. the water of our love. infinite water. pejuta. clear. crystalline. ignited medicine water. ignited yollotzin amore atl. water dancer. eternal life to those protecting the water in this time of lies. cihuatl atl. i love you. water. sacred sacred water. i thank you. i love you. atl. agua. irregardless of this neglect. ignorance. abuse. there you are. heart of the water. heart of tonantzin. heart of tonantiuh. all the protectors of atl. tlazokamati.sacred sacred atl. i will always remember. tlazokamati.
Israel Azul Haros
con agua sin safos 9-11-2010

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