Soundtrack Z To Mary Diaz

Soundtrack Z To Mary Diaz

the cd skipped over and over. i couldn’t quite get over it. the way the warping broke inside my earphones. it was the only way i could still see her face. in the music that she loved. i had burned all the photos of her by accident. one night with a candle. painting. i fell asleep. i dreamt that she was dancing with wings of fire. she showed me her eyes full of caracoles y rios. and when i woke up with a set of brushes in my hand on fire. i was still hearing the music breaking.

y cuando empese a desbaratar el fuego. con aguas no solo de la cocina pero sin no tambien de mis ojos y mi sudor. la musica todavia lloraba. y yo escuchando mientras todo se quemaba de nuevo. y el dia que se rayo el cd habia muchos truenos afuera. solo recuerdo que me dormi y esta besando un colibri con colores de nebula

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