this. water educated. under. a blue sun.
another. doormat. blinking. with i.c.e.
ringing. sirens. at ice. cream. vendors.
open. widows. made. after they tear.
a man. from. his family. over.
again. again. a telephone. call re.
peats. itself. three times. for me.
on a thursday. they wait to ask me.
why. this. happened. this. way. why. didn’t.
they . take. us. all. why. did. they take.
just him. why not. all of us. i say.
two times. to two.women. one. then another.
after the first. hung.up. didn’t. i talk. to you.
already. earlier. today. no. they say. one.
then another. two times. to two. other. women.
no. someone. just gave me. your number. they do it.
like this. because. ice. knows. how to create.
ice. in the community.