mexican jazz 66

we are the stone calendar left in el mercadito

we are the tortilla space ship wandering down cesar chavez avenue

we are waiting for the malignant tumor to disappear from marias pansa

its the milagro we are all waiting for


somewhere underneath the sun

we remember we are the ones that came before

our d.n.a waking wailing and walking with the feathered copal smoke

of coyoxauhqui

underneath her white skin

she unwinds the layered mask of tescatlipocatl

jade stone and obsidian mirrors bailando

in the memory of our intention

we are waking sun. wailing moon

forgiveness underneath the streetlamp

that doesn’t let us see all the colors of coyoxauhquis

white skin. all her sisters and brother shine less

under the lights of another city that never sleeps



Published by waterhummingbirdhouse

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