mexican jazz 67

these are the worlds we occupy between the red and the black

between the american and the mexican

someone might want to say just drop the mexican

you’re american now. and miss the point entirely

is the space inbetween that holds the truth. regardless

if you know spanish. regardless if you know enough english

somewhere in between. somewhere where the tongue bends

inside the different cultures waiting for the ghost of too many

to fade to die to become something else. here inside this notion

we are the ones that become the onlooker. into our own space

and time and the time that is ours this time that is ours to become

something else. despite a trump despite a politic that tries to hide

and become something

else . we are the meaning behind the meaning

we are the tongue behind the tongue

waiting for the ghost to come back to life

waiting for the mexican ghost

waiting for the american ghost

waiting for the jazz to kick in

where we are the ones we were waiting for

where we are the ones that become the song

where the laugh is the tear and the inbetween

becomes all the parts of our meaning.

there is something to claim

something something to become

somos todas estas condiciones.



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